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Some time ago, in 2012, I started working in a company in Dubrovnik that organizes kayaking, hiking and cycling tours. After the first two years, the bosses were very happy with my work so I was promoted to the lead guide. Being a guide is very demanding, and the position of the lead guide required all of my readiness, patience, organization and great knowledge of this business. This is a large company that co-operates with a number of agencies but also books its own tours. Working with a lot of clients, larger and smaller private groups, I wanted to open my own business where I would only have smaller groups in which I would be able to devote myself to everyone individually. I started realizing this idea in 2018 when I passed a sports climbing course. A few years ago I also passed a course for an adventure guide for the company I was working at the time. With my little family, in 2019, I'm starting ID Adventures on the Island of Mljet, in our settlement Tatinica.


Tatinica is a paradise settlement in National Park Mljet. It is located 2 km from Polače and we, the Matana family, are the only inhabitants. Our family restaurant in Tatinica has been in business for a number of years and that is why we chose this place to start our project. Why this place? Aside from my family members being the only inhabitants for a long time, aren't peace, quiet, a few tourists and sailing boats more beautiful than the city crowd, noise and hurry? Make sure you come; we guarantee you will not regret it.


Looking at tourists coming to Mljet, we have found that most of them are searching for some kind of activity, sport or entertainment. ID Adventures is here to make this happen. As already mentioned, our tours will start from Tatinica near Polače. Discovering flora and fauna of the nearby islets, you will hear about the history of Mljet and life in general on an island. You will aslo find out a few interesting things about the City of Dubrovnik. The tours are about 7.5 km long and will last about 3 – 3.5 hours. Of course, everything will be suited to you, so the tours may be shorter or longer. We offer you Kayaking and Extreme Kayaking Tours, which differ in both difficulty and cost. Since kayaking is a sport, at the end of the story, we organize a little gathering that includes a light meal from our homemade cuisine.

We guarantee you a nice time and a lot of fun. The hardest part for you will be leaving our paradise and returning to reality.


kayak adventure with friends and family

After a briefing from your guide, we start from Tatinica to the first Islet of Kobrava. It is also the longest, so walking around it takes about half our time. Then we go to Ovrata and moving along the third Islet of Moračnik we arrive at Cape Lenga where we will have a break for diving and swimming....



abseiling and hiking kayak tour

After a briefing from your guide, we start from Tatinica to the first Islet of Kobrava. It is also the longest, so walking around it takes about half our time. Then we arrive to the interior side of the Island of Ovrata where we leave our kayaks and go for a hike to the top of the island. There we make a short break and prepare for abseiling...